Kids Catstronaut LightBeam

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Launch your child's imagination into orbit with the Kids Catstronaut LightBeam. This enchanting night light features an adorable cat astronaut, bringing a sense of adventure and wonder to any room. Perfect for bedtime or playtime, it provides a comforting glow that helps your child feel secure and inspired.

Product Specification:

  • Voltage: DC 5V/120MA
  • Key Mode: Push-Type Switch Light (Micro Switch)
  • Product Size: 119.4 x 119.4 x 63 mm
  • Luminous Flux: 100LM ± 10% (Warm Light)
  • Material: ABS, PS, Silicone
  • Power: 0.4W ± 10%
  • Lamp Bead Color Temperature: Cold Light 2800K-3200K

Key Features:

Adorable Cat Astronaut Design: The Kids Catstronaut LightBeam features a delightful cat astronaut character, adding a fun and playful touch to your child's room. Its unique design is sure to captivate your child's imagination.

Soft and Safe Materials: Made from high-quality ABS, PS, and silicone, this night light is both durable and gentle to the touch. The materials are safe for children, ensuring a worry-free experience for parents.

Comforting Warm Light: With a luminous flux of 100LM ± 10%, the Catstronaut LightBeam emits a soothing warm light that creates a cozy and calming atmosphere. The cold light color temperature of 2800K-3200K is perfect for relaxing and winding down before bed.

Easy Operation: The push-type switch light (micro switch) makes it easy for children to turn the light on and off. Its simple operation ensures that even young kids can use it independently.

Energy-Efficient: Consuming just 0.4W ± 10% of power, this night light is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It provides a gentle glow without using much electricity.

Compact and Portable: Measuring 119.4 x 119.4 x 63 mm, the Catstronaut LightBeam is compact and easy to place anywhere in your child's room. Its lightweight design makes it convenient to move and use in different locations.

Inspiring and Fun: The whimsical cat astronaut theme encourages creativity and a sense of adventure, making bedtime a fun and exciting experience for your child.

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