Littel Toes kids Sox (Dragon Foot)

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Transform your child's feet into mythical dragon feet with Little Toes Kids Sox, featuring our fun and imaginative Dragon Foot design. These socks are designed to provide exceptional warmth, comfort, and functionality, perfect for keeping little feet happy and healthy.

Key Features

  • Luxurious Material: Crafted from half velvet, these socks offer a plush, cozy feel that is gentle on your child's skin.
  • High-Quality Fabric: Made with polyester fiber for enhanced durability and breathability, ensuring these socks last through countless adventures.
  • Functional Design: These socks are designed to keep feet warm, breathable, and dry, with excellent sweat absorption and deodorant properties to maintain freshness.
  • Imaginative Style: The Dragon Foot design adds a touch of fun and fantasy, making these socks a favorite for both playtime and everyday wear.

Material Information

  • Children's Socks Material: Half velvet for a luxurious and cozy feel.
  • Fabric Composition: Polyester fiber for durability and breathability.
  • Children's Socks Function:
    • Keep Warm: Ensuring little feet stay toasty during colder days.
    • Breathable: Allowing air circulation to keep feet comfortable.
    • Absorb Sweat: Keeping feet dry and preventing discomfort.
    • Deodorant: Maintaining freshness throughout the day.

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